ChavoBart Digital Media (CBDM) is a media production and distribution company, specializing in short-form environmental and educational content. CBDM is owned and operated by Bridgett Ennis and Erika Street Hopman.


CBDM’s expertise is in creating environmental audio podcasts, public service announcements, and videos for the web. The company specializes in taking complex scientific concepts and making them entertaining and informative. CBDM’s capabilities include:


  • Radio public service announcements
  • Writing for radio
  • Radio production
  • Radio distribution services
  • Audio podcasts
  • Outreach videos for web delivery
  • Documentary video production
  • Project management for educational outreach campaigns


Current CBDM projects include Climate Connections, a nationally syndicated radio series about climate change, which the company produces and distributes to more than 380 radio stations. CBDM also produces CurrentCast, a project of the Center for Transformative Action, an affiliate of Cornell University. CurrentCast highlights the importance of water stewardship and sustainability in the Great Lakes and surrounding watersheds, and is produced in partnership with the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future.


Before founding CBDM, producers Bridgett Ennis and Erika Street Hopman were employed by Finger Lakes Productions International (FLPI). FLPI was founded in 1987 in Ithaca, NY and produced more than 22,000 audio features related to the ocean, science, nature and the environment. The company served more than 500 stations daily with 60 and 90 second radio series before shutting its doors in 2012.